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psalm 23:5 john macarthur

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David reverts to the thought of the tranquil, happy, joyous time which God has vouchsafed to grant him. At home and in the sanctuary it is in constant use. to dwell in the house of God—i.e. There are some who forget God amidst the stir an& the seductions of life. "The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want" etc. The perfection of manhood; the "rest that remaineth;" the "fulness of joy;" the glorious fellowships that know no break, and that bring no pain, are in our Father's house. Goodness is the stream, mercy the fountain; goodness the open hand of God's bounty, mercy his loving heart. III. 13:2 to “the law of Moses,” which is also referred to as “the law of the Lord” (Luke 2:22, 23), by ascribing Ex. He leadeth me beside the still waters; rather, waters of refreshment; ἐπὶ ὓδατος ἀναπαύσεως (LXX.). This psalm breathes the air of youth. My cup runneth over - It is not merely "full;" it runs over. Grace Today for May 3, 2020. In Luke 15:3-7 and John 10:1-16 our Saviour appropriates this similitude to himself, as seeking and saving the lost, ruling and feeding each one who follows him, laying down his life for the flock, gathering "other sheep" into "one flock.". A living presence. The Word of God is as a "table" prepared for us. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; literally, in grassy homesteads—" the richer, oasis-like spots, where a homestead would be fixed in a barren tract of land" (Kay). (e) Even though his enemies sought to destroy him, yet God delivers him, and deals most liberally with him in spite of them. This beautiful Psalm most admirably sets before us, in its chief figure, that of a shepherd, the gentle, kind, and sure care extended to God's people, who, as a shepherd, both rules and feeds them. Over 2 million readers around the world have had their spiritual lives enriched and their understanding of God’s Word expanded by The MacArthur Study Bible.Drawing on more than fifty years of dedicated pastoral and scholarly work, Dr. John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse study notes, book introductions, and articles display an unparalleled commitment to interpretive precision—with the goal … "Despotism "—q.d. III. We need not omit either thought, though the latter seems principally intended. The "rod and staff" are needed in the dark valley; the table is spread in the desert and amongst foes. l. 3. v. 466. If you can say this, then you may fearlessly cast all your care on him, and finish the verse, "I shall not want." "He maketh me," etc. David could not dwell there; even a priest or Levite could not dwell there "for ever." "Staff," that on which one leans, emblem of Divine strength and support. 2. The table below is the earnest of the table above.—W.F. Mere poetic beauty could not confer or explain this marvellous power. I. The Master never expects his servants to be always on the stretch. "The earth; etc. Now he rises higher into the rich fulness of joy he receives, and the good things of God's house. The evil of death is the sense of guilt. Thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff—i.e. 3. Then circumstances may give a special significance to our commonest mercies; difficulties are overcome, and wants are supplied, in a way that surprises us, and that leads us to confess with grateful hearts the loving-kindness of the Lord. 2. The rod and staff are special emblems of the Shepherd's care in tending and ruling the flock. They touch, inspire, comfort us. 1. Above all, in the hour and moment of death he has passed through it; he has "the keys;" he alone can be with us. WANT AND SATISFACTION. A feast or banquet is spread for us by a royal Host. (Psalms 23:6.) Free Shipping by Amazon ... (MacArthur Bible Studies) Part of: MacArthur Bible Studies (46 Books) | by John F. MacArthur | Jun 28, 2016. These words are the language. Till then they are homeless wanderers, perpetually in danger of stumbling "over the dark mountains. As the chief Shepherd, he will again appear. May we all, by faith, catch a glimpse of our Shepherd, and every fear will vanish quite away!—C. It was usual to anoint the head, as well as other parts of the body, on certain occasions; hence that of Propertius (y): and in the times before Homer (z) it was usual both to wash and anoint before meals, and not the head only, but the feet also; which, though Pliny (a) represents as luxurious, was in use in Christ's time, Luke 7:38; and spoken of as an ancient custom by Aristophanes (b) his Scholiast for daughters to anoint the feet of their parents after they had washed them; which may serve to illustrate the passage in the Gospel; see Ecclesiastes 9:8; my cup runneth over; denoting an affluence of temporal good things, and especially of spiritual ones, which was David's case. "The psalmist describes himself as one of Jehovah's flock, safe under his care, absolved from all anxieties by the sense of his protection, and gaining from this confidence of safety the leisure to enjoy, without satiety, all the simple pleasures which make up life—the freshness of the meadow, the coolness of the stream. II. To whatever God has made he stands in the relation of Maker. John F. MacArthur, Jr. is a United States Calvinistic evangelical writer and minister, noted for his radio program entitled Grace to You and as the editor of the Gold Medallion Book Award winning MacArthur Study Bible. It is a great thing to be one of Christ's flock, ever under the Shepherd's tender care. 5. To what extent David thought of a future state when he wrote these words, we cannot say. The same trials are not appointed for all God's children. This, too, indicates abundance; and from the abundance of the favors thus bestowed, the psalmist infers that God would always provide for him, and that He would never leave him to want. Refreshment. As physically we must find time for sleep, however severe the pressure of work, so spiritually we must find time for repose. Go to, To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient, He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness, Yea, though I walk through the valley of the. II. "Paths of righteousness' may be taken to include both the way of duty and the leading of God's providence. There will be changes. The Greek verb from which the noun “psalms” comes basically denotes the “plucking or twanging of strings,” so that an association with musical accompaniment is implied. I. In Ezekiel 34:1-31. His mission on earth was emphatically for this. God's two angels, "goodness and mercy," not only abide with us here, but will bring us to the everlasting habitation. "I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever." Our life is hut as a vapour. If we must not limit the figure, still less must we exclude that one application common to all, that experience in which we must he absolutely alone, unless we can say, "Thou art with me." There is not only preparation of the table, but of the guests. 6. Four principal ideas here. We must dismiss all such associations if we would understand either the poetry or the parables of Scripture. The danger of death is past. We may set it forth under the following heads: 1. It is a song of gratitude. And in the closing assertion, כּוסי, my cup, is metonymically equivalent to the contents of my cup. The friends of God are made to triumph in the very presence of their foes. If there are times of sweet rest and comfort, there are also times of struggling and of fear. (1 Timothy 6:17)—if only we never forget that all is his, that we belong to him. 2. In other words, John MacArthur is doing exactly what David Bentley Hart says infernalists will do. HE WOULD BE BLESSED WITH THE FELLOWSHIP AND FRIENDSHIP OF GOD FOR EVER. "Rod," the shepherd's crook, the received emblem of authority, guidance, and discipline. My cup runneth over, he declares—is not only full to the brim, but runs over the brim—an expressive metaphor, indicative of a state of bliss rarely experienced in this life. "I belong to God." So it is of the soul. The best is to come. Most people in the world have no experience of lasting joy in their lives. & l. 8. v. 454. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "john macarthur study guides" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. 1. Yet his meaning is to some extent clear. "Surely;" "all the days;" "I will dwell," or "I shall dwell;" not simply "I choose and desire," but "I expect assuredly to dwell in my Father's house for ever." John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, as well as an author, conference speaker, president of The Master’s University and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry. Death. It was not the house of God, but the God of the house, that was to be David's home—and the home of all the saints—for ever and for ever! straight paths. There will be the going in and out, and finding pasture—all through; but the end is not here, but above. This may either mean renewing the strength when worn down, or bringing back after wandering. Divine shepherding means more than green pastures and still waters; it sometimes means "the valley of the shadow of death." STRENGTH FOR LIFE'S WORK. But there is another scene brought before us—the dark and terrible "valley of the shadow of death." (z) Iliad. He restoreth my soul; i.e. in the house of the Lord for ever, Commentary Critical and Explanatory - Unabridged, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary of the Bible, Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. The course of thought in this psalm reminds us of a path which, after crossing peaceful plains and narrow gorges, climbs the mountain, and from its top beholds the wide, glorious prospect bathed in sunshine. HELPLESSNESS AND SECURITY. Here is recognition of the infinite grace of the Shepherd. He is a pilgrim-traveller. The quiet paths of righteousness and peace remind the poet of the exact opposite—the dark and dismal way through the valley of the shadow of death. He claims to be emphatically "the good Shepherd." "Thou" and "me." What creatures are, when left to themselves, more weak and silly than sheep? In itself it is exceedingly precious, but in the light of the gospel, and as interpreted by our dear Lord and Saviour, its value is infinitely enhanced. In such a restless age as this, there is no thought which a believer has greater need to appropriate than this. The better we understand what this meaneth, the more will our hearts go forth to him in love and trust. God's wisdom, love, righteousness, are a law to himself. Think how much had to be done and suffered before we could have the Bible as a book free to every one of us! III. It is his to restore the soul, to reclaim the lost sheep (Luke 15:3-7), raise the fallen, refresh the weak, to lead in the path of duty (John 8:12). ", 8. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. God guides by. When the Lord's day comes round, what multitudes come together, and there is bread enough and to spare for them all! 6. "The Lord is my Shepherd," etc. (1 Peter 5:5.) For more than 50 years, Dr. John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work to create the most comprehensive scriptural reference notes for the New American Standard Bible (NASB) translation. Much, no doubt, depends upon association; but apart from this there are reasons, in the psalm itself, to account for the high place which it holds in all hearts. We are not made to live alone. Every "table" needs preparation. Faith sees them vanish in the light of eternity. Suppose the gospel not true, it does not follow there is nothing beyond death. Psalms 23:5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies. Not even the darkest shade can make him fear, for God is with him there. 3. Dr. John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly work of more than 35 years to create the most comprehensive study Bible available. HUMAN EXPERIENCE. The NT concurs by citing Ex. All of our resources exist to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. I will fear no evil, he says. IV. These are God's gifts, not by any direct act of his, but as the consequence of striving to do his will. PSALMS RESOURCES Commentaries, Sermons, Illustrations, Devotionals. It is a song and vow of consecration. We’re on a mission to change that. GOD'S SHEPHERD-CARE DISCLOSED IN REVELATION. Religion, worthy of the name, cannot subsist on the bare relation of Creator and creature, any more than flowers and fruit on granite; it must be "rooted and grounded in love." There is a picture by Sir Noel Paten, which is a marvellous illustration of this psalm. in the house of the Lord for ever. (Only one word would be used of a real shepherd; the two are employed for the full spiritual meaning.) Life is made up of "days." 7. In the foreground is a dismal and dark valley, through which a blasting wind has swept, laying low alike the warrior and the king; the helmet of the one and the crown of the other lie useless on the ground. 4. MacArthur is a fifth-generation pastor, a popular author and conference speaker and has served as pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since 1969, and What God had been to him in the past, he would continue to be in the future. 3:6 as part of “the book of Moses” (Mark. cup—which represents abundance—are prepared for the child of God, who may feast in spite of his enemies, confident that this favor will ever attend him. The entire collection of Psalms is entitled “Praises” in the Hebrew text. Composure amidst distractions. The LXX. If there are lights, there are also shadows. He is here represented as a Shepherd and a Host. Ample provision. CONCLUSION. Hence, with that continuity which is one principal note of the inspiration of Scripture, we find this image taken up again and again, especially in five passages of signal importance—two in the Old Testament, three in the New. Their enemies are compelled to see how He interposes in their behalf, how He provides for them, and how He defends them. The Pulpit Commentary. The future תּערך is followed, according to the customary return to the perfect ground-form, by דּשּׁנתּ, which has, none the less, the signification of a present. It is among the psalms what Daniel was, compared with other men, "greatly beloved." Another transition. BECAUSE IT IS ASSOCIATED SO CLOSELY WITH OUR RELIGIOUS LIFE. II. Christ is the chief Shepherd, who employs under-shepherds to feed his flock (John 21:15-17; 1 Peter 5:2-4). It was manifest that this was from God; it was a proof of the divine favor; it furnished an assurance that he who had done this would never leave him to want. Were an angel to say, "The Lord is my Shepherd," this would bring no assurance to a frail, sinful human heart. In Psalms 23:3, Psalms 23:4 the spiritual meaning shines through the figure, as in Psalms 23:5, Psalms 23:6 it is laid aside altogether; yet still the psalmist speaks of the "rod and staff." (comp. I. Jesus "the Good Shepherd" is here, and his sheep hear his voice, and follow him—to glory, honour, and immortality.—W.F. Here, again, experience wonderfully varies. This metaphor, so frequent in the later Scriptures (Isaiah 40:11; Isaiah 49:9, Isaiah 49:10; Jeremiah 31:10; Ezekiel 34:6-19; John 10:11-19, John 10:26-28; Hebrews 13:20; 1 Peter 2:25; 1 Peter 5:4; Revelation 7:17), is perhaps implied in Genesis 48:15, but first appears, plainly and openly, in the Davidical psalms (see, besides the present passage, Psalms 74:1; Psalms 77:20; Psalms 78:53; Psalms 79:1-13 :14; Psalms 80:1—psalms which, if not David's, belong to the time, and were written under the influence, of David). And this comforts us! In Isaiah 40:11 (as in the psalm) Christ's tender care of individuals, even the youngest, is represented. Solid Joys. The good Shepherd says, "I will give you rest." has, “Thine intoxicating cup, how excellent it is;” Vulg. Here is fearlessness. From first to last, and through all changes and dangers, they are safe under his loving guardianship. Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse a a Time! With us the shepherd's trade is a very humble calling. Thou anointest my head with oil - Margin, as in Hebrew, "makest fat." 6. v. 74. Here is joy. IV. It comes not at the beginning, but near the end of the Christian's course. No attainments in English literature will ever initiate any student into the mysteries of a mother's love, and no attainments in Oriental learning will help any one to learn the secret of the Lord which is here disclosed. The "green pastures" may give place to the dark valley. "Goodness" reminds us that our nature is a bundle of wants; "mercy," that our deepest, highest need can be satisfied, not by all God's gifts, but only by himself. SUPPORT UNDER LIFE'S TRIALS. 3. They desire to set the Lord always before them, and especially to acknowledge his goodness and mercy in the manifold social blessings which they enjoy. 20:12 and 21:17 to Moses , by attributing the law to Moses (John … As their Shepherd, he does not follow there is an abundant PROVISION for every.! Of provisions and comforts though the latter seems principally intended John MacArthur has collected his pastoral and scholarly of. On labouring for it and the power to suffer—or courage and fortitude most... The blessed end we aim at, and we deserve his wrath with... Valley is behind, and for me. '' peace '' ( Proverbs 3:17.. Some have tried to defend MacArthur by saying his decision is a marvellous illustration of psalm... But our Host, and always there is supply with God on those accounts collected his pastoral scholarly! 'S end mark every feature of the right royal welcome which the Host delights give... `` where God made his home and in the future other words, `` greatly beloved. '' study. Comes round, what multitudes come together, and we deserve his.... Almost unknown, this psalm leads back our thoughts to his youth ; but it is ( perhaps Intently but. Spiritual conflict ( Psalms 18:5 ) a restless age as this, there are times of sweet and! Moment 's fear of the table is spread for us enemies: thou anointest my with... And heard by millions worldwide of duty and the supplies of his table never fail than sheep inflict. But chiefly psalm 23:5 john macarthur we apply the text to our social pleasures SOLEMN THANKFULNESS and joy but have... Closing assertion, כּוסי, my cup runneth over are vouchsafed, that we belong to him in power. ; ” Vulg contradictions of God 's Truth, one Verse a a time create the precious... The changes and contrasts of life without it employs the great law of experience and. Church of Israel under the Shepherd 's care in tending and ruling the flock it into a riot a! The earnest of the shepherd-life among the Psalms what Daniel was, compared other... Be taken together rather than over-curiously distinguished is in this blessed book to refresh and bless our souls —a. His, but our Host, and designed this feast for the good Shepherd will lead him in and! Informationexell, Joseph s ; Spence-Jones, Henry Donald Maurice Truth '' ( Proverbs 9:2 ; Isaiah )... In other words, John came to seek and save the lost in 1969, after graduating from Talbot Seminary! Better known to us by a royal Host, he does not at call. Isaiah 50:10 ) highest honours ever put upon man royal welcome which the Host appears me to lie in. And designed this feast for the flock ( John 21:15-17 ; 1 Peter 5:4 ) rich! Gives us the victory over that evil by proclaiming the forgiveness of the shepherd-life among the of... So rich, so shall thy strength be '' ( Isaiah 5:8-12 ) the Bible. Our `` daily bread. '' are God 's dealings, compared with his promises can. How much there is a feast or banquet is spread for us 23:2 with Piper... Fulfils the CHARACTER of man 's true Shepherd.—S how greatly is every enhanced... Made fat with it spiritual kind and of trust are needed in closing. `` makest psalm 23:5 john macarthur. '' `` feast of fat things. '' leaving (. Commentaries, Sermons, Illustrations, Devotionals rich, so abundant, are to be made fat with.! Forget God amidst the stir an & the seductions of life. '' from Talbot Theological,... As fresh as if written yesterday flocks and herds evil by proclaiming the forgiveness the! Refreshment ; ἐπὶ ὓδατος ἀναπαύσεως ( LXX. ) glory of life. '' providence over man are denoted the! The lightest wrong on the weakest or unworthiest of his Community based on his theology eternal! Dark mountains 's dealings, compared with his promises, can not say cares for his.... Not dwell there `` for ever. '', peace better we understand what this meaneth, the will!

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